Complete overview

Here you find an overview of our programmes. They can partly be booked nationwide. Please note that, in view of the diversity of nearly 180 event programmes, we cannot list all of them. The following list is a selection of our offer. If desired, you can get the complete overview via pdf.

Team Blacksmith

In line with the theme of the workshop, the group creates their own sculpture. Per person only in combination with a room reservation in the Hotel Schönbuch (100 € / person).


You are looking for a culinary programme in which the team and the timing has to be right? In our cookroom the group experiences this interaction in combination with lots of fun! 450 € rent for the cookroom plus 350 € chef de cuisine and shopping basket from 20 € per person.


We inspire germany-wide with this dinner event – also possible in your desired location. The participants play table against table – questions concerning the company or the products are inclusive. In the Hotel Schönbuch at a special price of 900 € plus from the 31st Person 25 €


A new creation of the Hotel Schönbuch. The participants create in a darkened room and with the help of flashlights and a professional camera with time exposure their own light sculptures. From 100 € per person, also nationwide.

Table Football

Up to 100 professional table football are available nationwide. The world champion organizes your company tournament up to 1000 persons. 1200 € plus table rent per table 120 €

Drummin Workshop

Get to know circle drumming: your company is combined with rhythm. Interactive drumming opens hearts and strengthens the community. Everyone is very close and feels the dynamic and experiences the success. For small and large groups up to 200 persons. 750 € in general according to the concept.


Another world champion: Martin Eisele enchants and impresses your groups. We gladly put you in touch with Martin - Germany-wide. From 1500 € - in the Hotel Schönbuch with special prices.

Raft Building

The perfect location of the Hotel Schönbuch enables you to integrate the river Neckar in your team development. From the hotel, it goes on foot towards the Neckar – after arriving there, the group will build a raft. With this raft you will reach the barbecue area. From 49 € per person.

Constructing a ropeway

As well an action at the river Neckar – but be aware, the Neckar is quite wide. A ropeway has to be planned very well. After reaching the destination, you will grill directly at the Neckar. From 59 € per person.

Hiking in wet caves

Equipped with neoprene suits you will go hiking in a nearby wet cave. Confidence and support play a dominating role. Per person from 79 €

Building a marble run

A great action event for large groups. The aim is clear – but communication is necessary for the way. Let the marbles roll – from 39 € per person

Buggy event

We organize buggy events for you. From 150 € per person.

GPS Ralley

Geocaching – something different? No problem – we have a great concept. Your group does not only search a point in order to find something. An interaction of all participants is necessary in order to reach defined goals. From 49 € per person.

Cocktail events

Cocktail courses with the aim to create your own department cocktail or the mobile MINIBAR. We would be pleased to introduce you in the world of the Francies and Coladas. From 59 € per person.


A classic – with the wonderful Swabian Alb a highlight! Let your group rise up into the air. From 140 € per person.


This type of sport has nothing to do with militant ideas – it is about agreements, teamplay and fairness. From 59 € per person.

Village Smithy Dinner

A little culinary highlight. Prof. Zimmermann creates a small sculpture for you, the celebratee, your customer or the team. The Hotel Schönbuch provides you with flambéed delicacies. Rent 950 € plus 250 € chef de cuisine and 50 € per person fort he menu

Amusement Park Castle Lichtenstein

We gladly organize an eventful day in the amusement park. Also perfect for team developments with a special course. From 10 € per person.

Visit a Musical

We organzie a visit in the nearby musical center in Stuttgart. From 80 € per person.

Casino Events

An extraordinary Come-Together – what about to add chips to your invitation. With Flying Finger Food and different game tables all come together in conversation. From 50 € per person.

Torchlight Hike

The nearby forest Schönbuch gives the Hotel Schönbuch its name. Surprise your guests with a nocturnal excursion with the aim to find the Minibar in the forest. At the

Parfume Event

Let us take you in the fantastic world of perfumes. Create your own and special fragrance. It is also perfect as a department event. The perfume has to be authorized by the group, then reconstructed. Later you can send the perfume to your customers and business partners. From 49 € per person.

Go Kart

The classic that should not be missing. The excellent equipped hall is located in the following town.
From 39 € per person

Quad Tours

We organize Quad and also exciting Segway tours. Please ask us. From 29 € per person

Bake Bread

Punting Trips

In summer, the university city can be mixed up with Venice… Swabian, but really charming. On the water you find numerous of punts. Booking a whole punt, you have the possibility to grill or open a beer barrel. From 19 € per person.

Tape Workshop

One of our most creative events. Create your own department song or marketing spot. For this programme you need at least 5 hours. A day-long event! From 120 € per person.


Another world champion in the Hotel Schönbuch. In the 3d park, in the hall or directly on the hotel area. Do not lose the sight of your goal! From 25 € per person.

Making A Movie

Create short promotional videos about your products or your services. Also interesting as a competition between several teams. You will be surprised how creative your employees can be. Ideas will become, with only little additional equipment, great moving images. From 100 € per person.

Canoe Trip

With a regional partner, we offer canoe trips. After the trip we offer a grill buffet directly at the river Neckar. From 10 € per person.


We offer paragliding and hang gliding at the Swabian Alb. Helicopter tours or aerobatics can also be organized. From 70 € per person

Golf Event

In 1 km of distance, you find a great 18-hole golf course. We offer trial courses and putting tournaments. From 39 € per person


All participants become artists. We bring the colours, spray cans, canvas and the supervisor. The group creates together an artwork. From 39 € per person

Wine Tasting

Another excursion in the culinary world – enjoy a five course menu with a selection of great wines from our own wine cellar. A short quiz and moderation by Maik Hörz is included. 250 € moderation and quiz plus 80 € per person for menu and wines

Whisky Tasting

The whiskey tastings are legendary. We call this programme bootcamp instead of tasting. The menu, a large variety of whiskeys and the quiz as well as the moderation by Maik Hörz are included. 250 € moderation and quiz plus 80 € per person for menu and whiskeys